The Catholic Priest and the Jewish Wedding

Rabbi, Jesuit Priest, and wedding couple all hold hands.

The Catholic Priest Helped I recently did a beautiful interfaith wedding at the La Costa Hotel and Golf Club in Northern San Diego County. The couple has a very close relationship with a Catholic priest.  They think of him as a friend and mentor and wanted him involved in the wedding.   He elected not […]

Officiating with another religion

Wedding Officiant

In this blog I want to talk about a real interfaith wedding.  We’re talking about a rabbi officiating at a Jewish Interfaith Services—a service that includes a co-officiant from another religion. In the last blog, we also talked about an Interfaith Wedding. But that was where the interfaith couple, a Jewish person and a non-Jewish […]

The first steps to planning an interfaith wedding

interfaith wedding 1

People often ask if I do interfaith weddings. I certainly do, and every interfaith wedding is unique.   An interfaith wedding is a wedding for a couple where one party is Jewish and the other is not. Oftentimes, what they want me to do is a traditional Jewish wedding. They want to see a wedding […]

Welcome to our new blog.

Rabbi Lawrence P. Seidman is proud to announce his new blog.   The blog will discuss all things related to modern Jewish weddings and interfaith wedding ceremonies. His program of rational Judaism, combining Jewish tradition and modern thought, is implemented through ceremonies, teachings, services and his insights on God, religion and science.   For more information […]

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